Passion for food and fun surprisingly turned into a successful business

How did you get into doing pop ups?

I love socialising over a nice dinner, the supper clubs scene in London is fantastic! It's so diverse and gives you the opportunity to try different cuisines and meet lots of people from every corner of the world! 

Tell us about your current or most recent pop up.

In March we will have our first collaboration with another pop-up called Love Club Supper run by Cordelia Peel who is a doctor-chef with Burmese origins. It's going to be memorable!

What has been your biggest challenge? Biggest reward? 

Biggest challenge is always the logistics, we do lots of corporate events and weddings for up 200 people and the organization of everything can sometime cause sleep deprivation. This is well treated with high dosage of caffeine :)

When people come to us and say: 'you made our evening special, we loved it, thanks' - that's the biggest reward. 

How long have you been doing pop ups? 

We started in 2011 for pure fun and in the last three years we turned the fun into a business.

What were you doing before? Why did you switch to pop ups?

I was working as an economist and my business partner as environmental engineer. 

We're passionate about food, wine, people so there's no better job for us. Every event is different, there's no chance to get bored!

Will you continue doing pop ups in the future? Why or why not? 

Oh yeah, the more the merrier!

What has been the most unexpected or disastrous experience? 

A dozen of ducks for a wedding got delivered to the wrong venue. I had to do two hours drive to go to pick them up and take them back to our kitchen. Luckily, all went well and the diners were very pleased with the tasty duck...phew!


Italian Supper Club's first collaboration with Cordelia Peel, chef and founder of the Love Club Supper, is coming up March 18 and 19! You don't want to miss out!

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Photo Credit: Piero Cruciatti