Innovation and hospitality together in one unforgettable night

One Star House Party was born out a quaint three day pop up in Hong Kong that turned into a three week long sold out event. Trisha McCrae, Kevin McCrae and James Sharman ended the three week tenure in Hong Kong’s Soho Printing Press and, having observed the enthusiasm that followed such an unprecedented creative concept, decided there was something in this idea that held more potential than a standard restaurant pop up. They promptly began preparations for an American series of week long restaurants, and enlisted a few friends to build what would become ‘One Star House Party’.

The team began to grow, most notably with the addition of creative and dynamic chefs Joseph Ligertwood (who, after completing a stage in Sweden at renowned Frantzen, had been working at two Michelin starred The Ledbury in London) and Bartosz Szymczak (previously of The Typing Room in London and and known for holding down the stove section single handedly).

On the 2nd of April, One Star House Party opened for the first night in New York City.

Building everything from scratch, from the tables to the tomato course, the OSHP team crafted a tasting menu inspired by the eating culture of New York. The six night pop up garnered much attention in both NYC and San Francisco; guests and media (the likes of Food52, CherryBombe Magazine, Gather Journal and Eater) spoke highly of unprecedented concept and inventive food.

One Star House Party will continue building restaurants in Airbnbs around the world, as well as establish their flagship restaurant in Hong Kong as of May 2016. This restaurant is not conventional in the traditional sense, being open for only seven nights each week. The team will continue with their international itinerary of one week pop ups in major cities, with the addition of a monthly one week pop up in Soho Printing Press where they’ll bring back the menu from the previous city. From the scallop course that evolved out of Hong Kong’s affair with dried seafood, a take on a classic NY dollar slice; focaccia laced with garlic, served warm from the oven with house-made ricotta, basil oil, fermented tomatoes and Castelvetrano olive juice, to a honey dessert dubbed ‘The Plight of the Bees’–intended to raise awareness around the dwindling honeybee supplies particularly in California– each recurring Hong Kong stint will get the best of the previous city’s dishes.

The idea driving OSHP is to arrive in a city, and in the matter of a few days, learn of the food culture that inspires that area and build a restaurant around it. Opening for only a handful of nights in each place, chefs serve the food themselves, explaining how they arrived to the completed dish, and what it represents. At the end of the week, the whole thing is packed down and the group moves on to the next destination.


“It’s our hope that while we leave with a new sense of a city and it’s eating culture, those who attend our pop up would also leave with a renewed appreciation for their own food landscape, local ingredients and what it means to ‘go out for dinner’. We’ve deviated away from traditional restaurant formulae by focusing on the core components of great eating experience: delicious food, memorable spaces and genuine connection between diner, chefs and dishes.”

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Photo Credit: One Star House Party