A story of Finley the Fox, Sweet Sneak's pop-up bakery

Our pop-up endeavours started when we decided to start our Sweet Sneak pop-up bakery in the beginning of 2013. We had met each other through our studies and as soon as we had gotten to know each other a bit better, found out that each of us individually once had flirted with the idea of having a café. A temporary bakery seemed to be the perfect format to explore some of our favourite shared passions: having lovely people around us, baking and eating cakes. Sweet Sneak pop-up bakery was born!

Ever since, our ‘classic’ Sweet Sneak pop-up bakery would entail an event where we would pop up with a huge cake table at changing, unexpected locations somewhere in Copenhagen, announcing the exact location only the day before. Among others, we ‘sneaked’ into art galleries, playground rooftops or private apartments or backyards. We also popped up during music festivals such as Roskilde or Trailerpark. Which leads us to the next point: We love great collaborations, be it other food entrepreneurs, the Danish National museum or inspiring minds from different contexts. Our last pop-up was in collaboration with Solfinn Danielsen of Rødder who owns our favorite wine shop in town, Rødder & Vin, and is one of Copenhagen’s pioneer pop-up actors. 

One of the biggest rewards gained from our pop-ups is the feeling of having created the spark for a happening where people are having a great time and take a memorable experience home. Briefly said, this has been and is the essence of our doing: Creating experiences that use food to bring people together and result in more than just a satisfied belly. This main thought has brought us to incorporate as Sweet Sneak Studio. With Sweet Sneak Studio, we apply the essentials of our pop-up bakeries to companies and help them to enhance their brand experience through the power of food. This set-up allows us to continue with our pop-up projects, but also gives room put more focus on conceptual work. 

This February (2016) marks Finley the Fox' third birthday - Finley is the little fox that has been telling our pop-up bakery's story. We will definitely continue doing pop-ups. Not only do we think they are the best opportunity to work together with various inspiring people, but we see them as our playground to keep trying new things, perspectives, concepts. Exciting times ahead!

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