Was that a Supperclub or a dinner at one of our friend’s houses?

Written by Chloé Morris, Edible Stories | Daniel Breger, Photos: Rosie Llewellyn

We attended ‘Little Lousciousness’, the latest supperclub from Rosie Llewellyn. We arrived in front of an art gallery, which is now the new home of her dinners, and were immediately welcomed by the bubbly Rosie who served us up chilled elderflower fizz. 

Being curious, we had a wander, looked at the art, spoke to a couple of the other guests and called dibs on our seats. Cameras were set up and we were told that tonight there would be a special showcase of Staci Tsai’s Vis a Vis tableware. Sadly, we were on the wrong side of the table and never got to use them but after dinner we made sure to catch up with the RCA student so she could tell us all about her project. From Staci’s perspective the purpose of traditional tableware is solely to serve food, rather than to provide any form of communication between people. While the use of light, sound, and colors are several techniques that try to make dining experiences more interesting these methods still tend to focus on the individual's experience. The objective of Staci’s project is therefore to explore the social interaction between diners who have never met over a 3-hour supper club meal. The tableware pieces intend to initiate different behaviors around the dining table where the act of consuming food becomes dependent on small forms of physical engagement between guests. 

But back to the main event - the Supperclub and Rosie. She told us that she would be hidden away and cooking up a storm in the kitchen until the end of the night (so if we needed anything we would just have to head down to her and ask directly in the heat of the action!). We sat down, introduced ourselves to our neighbours and readied ourselves for the deliciousness that was to come ; potted crab with cornbread. rolled stuffed shoulder of lamb, sautéed Jersey Royals, peas, lettuce hearts and radishes. Elderflower and lemon tart. British cheeseboard. And homemade chocolate truffles.


Rosie actually started doing pop-ups in 2013 at her house in West London. She has definitely mastered the art of creating a ‘mi casa su casa’ vibe. One of her close friends initially forced her to take the plunge by booking her for a small event. The sense of homeliness is perhaps best exemplified by the fact that, as one of our guests was vegetarian, we asked Rosie if she could possibly make an alternative to the delicious lamb with hot butter chive sauce. She quickly answered that she’d be popping to the fish market and see what takes her fancy. The result was a most beautiful grilled fish. Not only does she want to make sure that people of all dietary requirements come to her events, but also that people of all ages attend. It’s all about mingling, learning from others, and leaving with some new friends.