Why Berlin should be your next food destination

We usually hear “Berlin is the new Copenhagen” or “San Francisco is now in Germany”. The Guardian even wrote an article about the German capital and how it is turning into the “European Silicon Valley”. But the resemblances stop there.

In a time of creating walls and borders, Berlin is breaking walls to bring creative and young people to open their businesses. Throughout the years the city has been destroyed and reinterpreted. Today, there are space and freedom for foreigners to be successful. Incredible locations that were previously destroyed and emptied such as industrial venues, spy buildings, factories, and breweries gave time to new cafés, bistros and restaurants. The city is young and full of life (and not only at night time).

Terroir Berlin - which happened on the 15th and 16th of May - came at the right time. The symposium and collaborative dinner that put together internationally acclaimed chefs like Amanda Cohen, Mark Best or Matt Orlando with local chefs such as Victoria Eliasdottir, Lode van Zuylen or Dylan Watson proved that the city is bubbling and vibrant. There is a sense of community in the Berlin food scene: chefs and restaurateurs are sharing producers and local products, and most of all knowledge.

According to Stefanie Rothenhöfer from the Food Entrepreneurs Club, Berlin has now 26 Michelin stars as well as food markets, cafés and places for all budgets. “Berlin is building its culinary identity and is no longer the poor but sexy city”, says Stefanie. Billy Wagner confirms. The owner and sommelier at Nobelhart und Schmutzig, one of the most applauded restaurants in the city explains that there is now a “face to Berlin and Berliners are no longer imitators of other cuisines”.

 Pack your bags. Berlin is right around the corner of a great food experience.