Modernizing Edinburgh's food scene

In 2015 Ben Reade, the Edinburgh-raised chef who was head of the Nordic Food Lab for three years, and his Canadian partner, both chef and anthropologist, Sashana Souza Zanella, seemed to have understood that in order to reach culinary innovation it is crucial to have a look back in the past. The co-founders blend tradition and innovation by continuously researching memories, ‘disappearing recipes’ and 'living traditions’ of Scotland with the help of contemporary interpretations and cooking techniques.

Basically it is hard to define the Edinburgh Food Studio as they don’t want to fit only in one category but as a matter of fact they’ve imagined the studio as a multi-functional space. Guests are welcome to have dinner  at communal tables from Thursday to Saturday while for the rest of the week the space combines talks, guest chefs, workshops, consultancy and ideas.

The studio formally opened after a successful Kickstarter campaign and words such as collaboration, learning and partnership characterize its core business.

What’s better than having dinner while watching chefs and suppliers combine their knowledge to deliver a conscious meal to their guests?

(Photos: Edinburgh Food Studio/TripAdvisor)