Massimo Bottura wants to use the spotlight to help change the world

“What if food waste could feed the hungry?” That’s the question that Massimo Bottura, chef of Osteria Francescana - considered the World's Best Restaurant in 2016, asks himself and the world in the new documentary, Theater of Life.

Theater of Life follows Bottura and Milan priest Don Giuliano as the pair set up Refettorio Ambrosiano, a soup kitchen designed to feed the hungry and draw attention to food waste during the Milan Expo in 2015. But as you’d expect from one of the world’s most celebrated food figures, Refettorio Ambrosiano wasn’t your garden-variety soup kitchen. The project was staffed by some of the world’s best chefs (can you imagine what Bottura’s list of Facebook friends reads like?) who prepared meals using surplus and unwanted food.

The venture was so successful that it became a permanent location, and Bottura is working on creating similar dining halls — called Refettorios— around the world.