What's your favorite childhood dish? It might be recreated by this famous chef

Four lucky bidders will have a once in a lifetime opportunity in 2018. They will have Ferran Adria reinvent their favorite childhood dish.

Then the experience will include a four-hour meal and meet-and-greet with Adrià at Enigma Atelier, the Barcelona restaurant run by Adrià’s brother Albert. The winners also take home a copy of the recipe for their revisited sweet.

The bidding was open on CharityBuzz.com (just ended) and has an estimate of $20,000. Half the funds raised will go toward One Drop and the other half to Adrià ‘s charity of choice. Adrià has collaboration with One Drop on the offering, which works to improve access to safe water for communities worldwide.

Dubbed “the Salvador Dali of the kitchen”, Adrià is one of the world’s most respected and highly regarded chefs known for inventing molecular gastronomy. His three Michelin star El Bulli in the town of Roses near Barcelona was named best restaurant in the world five times from 2002 to 2009.

During his time at the restaurant Adrià created 1,846 dishes, many of which pushed the boundaries of gastronomy via scientific techniques like spherification.