What if filmmakers did recipe videos?

All great film directors have an instantly recognizable style and aesthetic. As a result of developing and polishing their craft for years, all it takes are a few opening scenes to realize if you're watching a bloody Quentin Tarantino or an action-packed Michael Bay movie.

But what if these iconic filmmakers did how-to cooking videos? That was exactly the question that prompted food artist and director David Ma to create #FoodFilms – a series of videos in which he imagines how directors like would tackle making food.

Ma turns a recipe of spaghetti and meatballs into a Quentin Tarantino Kill Bill-inspired bloodbath, pancakes into a space odyssey like Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, waffles into an edge of your seat, epic adventure only Michael Bay knows how to make, and s'mores into a pastel and symmetric daydream straight out Wes Anderson's psyche.