Meet the women behind Jar Kitchen

Jar Kitchen is the brainchild of Lucy Brown, 30 and Jenny Quintero, 28 - two friends who left their successful careers as a Model Agent and a Publishing Manager respectively to pursue their love of food.

Jar Kitchen is the pair’s first venture and they have been involved right from the conception, even carrying out the majority of building work themselves. The personal touch is important to the pair who also work front of house.

Set over two floors, Jar Kitchen is a cozy and intimate 50 cover restaurant. Its unique minimalist interior features stripped wooden floors and tables. A nod to the restaurant’s name, jars are repurposed throughout the venue as decorative items and useful objects, including quirky finishes such as hanging Kilner jars are used as light shades to create a warm touch.

RSVP had the opportunity to talk to Lucy and Jenny ahead of their events in London, like the Day of the Dead with ex-Noma chef Santiago.

An ex-model agent and former magazine publisher. What are the odds of opening a restaurant? How did it all start?

We where both in industries that we sort of ended up in, it was never what we wanted to do as “grown-ups”…. But London living is expensive and it's easy to get caught up in corporate life and pay!

We’ve been friends for almost 10 years and always thought there had to be more than just following the path. We’d been speaking for a few years about doing something in partnership. The more time we spent deciding what that would do together the more time we spent planning where we would meet to eat. We love food and most of all loved restaurants.

Lucy always dreamed of owning a restaurant having worked in restaurants since the age of 15 and so we are serious about it. We started writing a business plan, quit our jobs to start working in restaurants and started looking for a venue.

Why jars? And what's the idea behind Jar Kitchen food?

We came about jars as a way to represent home cooking, we also liked the idea of being able to reuse glass. It allowed us to be a bit creative with the decor too so we use jars as light fittings, salt + peppers, cocktail glasses and flower vases.

The idea behind the food is ingredients lead,  ingredients cooked well. We don’t necessarily fit into any particular category as we offer things like Coley ceviche, fresh pasta, kid goat pie...the key thing being that everything is made to order fresh and from scratch every day from the best supplies. Prices are fair as we want to invite a young crowd to make it a real local place.

How does Jar Kitchen work with residencies /pop-ups?

We work on a case by case basis. We are available to hire as an entire space on Sundays and Mondays as we are always closed.

We have 2 floors so you may just want to use one or both. We are also able to offer front of house and kitchen support.

How Santiago ended up cooking at Jar Kitchen?

We met Santiago at an event for Kitchen Aid and RSVP. His food was amazing and had such an exciting can do attitude. The supper club was set up in hours once we agreed on a date that worked for everyone and the tickets went on sale right away through RSVP. He is a very passionate guy with big plans for London so watch this space. 

What are the next projects for Jar?

In terms of the restaurant, we would like to start to be present outside just the physical venue with things such as external catering and events. We love working in partnerships with Supper Clubs, we’ve met some amazing people with fantastic projects. We hope to be able to host more at Jar Kitchen!