Niels Lan Doky says chefs are like musicians

In 2013, cutting edge stellar chefs and world class jazz shared the same roof in the Copenhagen venue 'The Standard'. Co-founder of noma, Claus Meyer, and the Danish jazz legend Niels Lan Doky was the team behind the venue.

The two had teamed up to transform the historic custom house building at 44 Havnegade (Habour street) in downtown Copenhagen into a jazz club. The jazz club had two bars and three restaurants, including a contemporary gastronomic Indian restaurant. 

After a few years, the musician moved on to continue his internationally acclaimed jazz career. In December 2017, The Standard Jazz Club changed to The National Museum of Denmark under the name 'Niels Lan Doky International Jazz Collective'. 

Niels had always been connected to food and since the project with gastro-entrepreneur Claus Meyer, he even got deeper into the gastronomy world. "We all know how Copenhagen has changed in the last ten years in terms of the dining scene, mostly helped by Noma", explains the artist.

In parallel, Copenhagen has in recent years come closer and closer to regaining it’s past reputation as ”jazz center of Europe”. According to Copenhagen Jazz Festival, there has been a record number of expat American jazz legends settling there, due to its great audiences and high quality of life, in the 1960s and 1970s, and interacting extensively with local talent, and the jazz scene in Copenhagen inevitably evolved into becoming one of the strongest and healthiest in the world. 

"This music and food connection is undeniable. Musicians are artists and so are chefs. They put together ingredients and play", says Niels. 

To combine these two experiences, Niels decided to put together a very unique experience for 22 guests at his own 200 square meter residence in the heart of Copenhagen on the 10th of March. 

First, there will be a private concert where Niels will be joined by an international cast of spectacular musicians, including former Prince drummer David "Fingers" Haynes (USA) and bass virtuoso François Moutin (France). 

Then, the dining room for dinner. The menu designed by rising star, chef Santiago Lastra - who was instrumental in bringing Noma Mexico to life alongside René Redzepi. Niels explains that he's "been following Santiago since his days at Noma and he has something unique to offer".

Note: If you want to have the chance to be part of this once in a lifetime experience, send an email to (they will send you a booking link).

(Photos: How to Spend It and Sarah Coghill)