No alcohol? No problem

After years and years of experience in mixology and after selling the legendary Vic Naylor's bar in Clerkenwell, London, ex-barman and restaurateur Peter Spanton decided to make his own brand of soft drinks. 

‘I had given up alcohol and was searching for a drink that had the dryness of wine and the body that coats the inside of a glass,’ he says.

With his partner, Janet Street- Porter, he sampled dozens of soft drinks. ‘They were too sweet or strongly flavoured with fruit,’ he says. ‘We discarded all but cola — and tonic water.

Since 2010, Peter makes eclectically flavoured types of tonic waters, including one with chocolate and mint. ‘If you don’t drink alcohol, you want to sip an elegant drink with complex flavours — one reason tonic water sales are so phenomenal,’ he says.

Containing an unusual mix of ingredients, the posh libations can be used as cocktail mixers or sipped on their own. Choose from Beverage No 3 Cardamon with extracts of cucumber; No 4 Mint & Bitters with dark chocolate; No 5 Lemongrass with ginger; and No 7 Acai Blend with mixed spices. 

Peter Spanton Drinks is helping TwoxTwo

RSVP kicks off its collaboration with KitchenAid to curate their London Experience Store for a series of exciting pop-ups. Two x Two will bring together pairs of chefs from the UK and abroad to showcase their culinary expertise and heritage. 

The team at Peter Spanton Drinks will be designing bespoke cocktails for every event. A great way to try the unique Tonic waters they are creating. 

Tickets for the first TwoxTwo are here.