The aftermath of your dinner will look different in this pop-up

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing!" That's how it starts. How it ends: a nap on the couch or at least a very unproductive afternoon. In everyday language, it's known as a food coma. In scientific terms, it's called postprandial somnolence ("postprandial" means after a meal, "somnolence" means drowsiness). 

With the idea of the post-epic feast in mind, two friends - the architect Camille Lacadee & chef Luce McKenna - wanted to create a setting where they could reimagine this crazy human happening. Therefore, on the 28th of June, they will bring the PostPrandial Somnolence Pop-Up to Berlin.


What does your table look like after a feast? Do you have a sense of time? The chef Luce Mckenna - previously designed food concepts for many brands such as Nissan - will combine classic techniques with molecular gastronomy. Camille - architect, set designer and amateur film-maker based in Berlin - will carefully consider texture and form to construct each component and detail of the after dinner.

"A crisp white tablecloth stained with red wine, lipstick marked glasses and plates piled high, fish skeletons and cigarettes stubbed out in leftover pudding", says the event description.

How would you feel after the aftermath?