Racing For the Latest Hotspot

The idea of being a regular at any given restaurant is unheard of these days. Everyone is on the lookout for the next best thing, and in doing so we forget how great the old staples are. Because of this, many restaurants from famous chefs are going out of business. 

Chef Harold Dieterle won the first season of “Top Chef” in 2006 and by 2012 had three Manhattan restaurants. Now he has none. “Great neighborhood restaurants become forgotten,” he told Eater, “at times when everyone’s racing to the new hot spot.”

This has hit New York hard over the last few years, but Los Angeles is soon to follow. New York has fewer full-service restaurants this year than it did last year or the year before that. The commitment issues we seem to have in dating have seeped into our eating habits as well. We're always looking for the next greatest spot, instagramming our way as we go. Our pension for the perfect picture may have impacted the success of our local eateries. It's inconceivable to think you might want to order the same thing twice, it would seem crazy to instagram both. However, in doing so we are destroying the restaurant business.

Restaurants have always been a risky business, but if you really liked your meal you should go back. Before it's too late.