Make your fridge smarter, reduce food waste

Instead of spending a lot more money on a connected refrigerator, the idea is that you can give your current fridge a bit of intelligence with the addition of a new gadget called FridgeCam. It attaches to the door of any refrigerator, letting you see inside the fridge from anywhere with an internet connection. But it does much more than providing food-based entertainment for the bored.

There's an app associated with Smarter FridgeCam, so you can get reminders of expiry dates for food. The device and app also work hand in hand to provide temperature alerts, letting you know if you've left the door open again. The FridgeCam actually uses recognition software to notify you when something is removed from your fridge and can add both expired and removed items to a replenishment list for restocking.

The app even provides recipe suggestions based on the current contents of your fridge.