Super Amazing Restaurant Show

Podcasts are a delicate art that is taking over. While millennials often shy away from listening to the radio, they will actually go out of their way to listen to someone they admire. Enter Alvin Cailan, Nakul and Arjun Mahendro, the creative geniuses behind LA's Eggslut and Badmaash. Their goal: they want you to experience what it’s like when they’re out drinking and having long, booze-fueled discussions about their industry.

This dynamic trio has already released 13 episodes and has struck gold. It's a little ridiculous at first, but they have good intentions. They basically spend each episode talking smack about all of the overrated spots in LA, but they also give you the inside scoop as to their favorite places. They are all really passionate about food and what they do, and they want to share their insight into what the food industry is really about.  

Unlike every other cooking show out there, Super Amazing Restaurant Show unmasks the food industry for what it really is. It's interesting as a food lover to hear about what these chefs think about the food culture in LA. The first episode dives head first into Bon Appetit's top 50 restaurants list and cuts it completely down. When I saw this list, I completely trusted that these are spots worth checking out, but now I wonder why I trusted it at all. This show gives you a whole new perspective and is worth checking out.

You can listen to it here, on soundcloud.