3 new pop-up ideas for you to try

FYOF - Fish your own fish

A new restaurant is coming to Chelsea (New York), and it's bringing with it a pond full of fish. 

At Zauo diners get the freshest fish possible, meaning that they literally are handed a fishing rod and asked to catch their meal themselves before it is prepared at the restaurant. After fishing for dinner, guests can select how they'd like their fish prepared from the menu. 

The Japanese restaurant chain has many restaurants in Tokyo and plans to open its New York restaurant in the beginning of 2018.

A summer house in the Hamptons

The recently nominated World's Best Restaurant, from the World's 50 Best list, closed for renovations through the summer. But chef Daniel Humm's team is not stopping. The whole staff and left behind their palatial Flatiron dining room and rented a house in the luxurious beach area of the Hamptons. 

Instead of the usual multicourse tasting menu, which costs around $295 per person in Manhattan, Humm will serve à la carte items for lunch and dinner, with dishes costing between $12 for Parker House rolls with herb butter to $140 for the wood-fired ribeye with veggies. Other dishes at the pop-up include beef tartare, prawn salad, and summer squash with pistachio and feta.


Mushroom heaven

A student named Aleksi Vesaluoma from Brunel University, in London, created a project using mushroom mycelium as a sustainable building material. 

Aleksi worked together with the architecture company Astudio to not only create a structure but also one that can also sprout mushrooms for eating, more precisely edible oyster shaped fungi. The researcher thinks that this idea has a lot of potential to create pop-ups serving mushroom-based meals made just harvesting out of the structure.