Six-hour long dinners at this new restaurant in Copenhagen

After closing restaurant Alchemist at the end of 2017, Danish chef Rasmus Munk is going to open a new version of his former restaurant at the beginning of 2019. Alchemist 2.0, though, is 25 times larger than the original one; a three-story, 23,600-square-foot building, in the Refshalevej neighborhood.

The imposing new restaurant aspect is not the only thing changing. In this new location, Munk has a majestic menu project almost finished: 50 courses, which can stretch up to 6 hours. There will be four kitchens with 30 cooks, 7 dining areas, all this for only one seating of just 44 guests per night. 

Since 2015, when the original Alchemist opened, Munk has been proving to be an inventive chef. He created a dish called "Organ donation", serving a tartare inside a frozen heart while pouring the sauce from an IV and encouraging the guest to sign up to be an organ donor (1,500 dinners did). 

What are Munk's food plans for his 50-course menu? He says he has evolved after spending some time in Japan. However, his goal is to always bring theater, art, and chemistry to the table; "extrasensory experiences," as he likes to call them. One dessert will be a rainbow sherbet seahorse, tinted in honor of the creature’s same-sex partnership habits; a fish-eye nigiri will highlight the problem of waste in fish farming.

A dinner at the new Alchemist will cost $650 and reservations will open in December.