Want to know what's inside a food truck?

Wondering just how much food trucks have changed the mobile food industry? These numbers say it all.

According to ZeroCater, food trucks make a staggering $1.2 billion in annual revenue, and the industry has seen a 12.4 percent increase over the past five years. Maintaining a food truck isn’t cheap––it costs an average of $85,000, but if a truck is successful, it’ll generate an average revenue of $290,556.

The competition is fierce, though. There are nearly 5,000 food trucks in the U.S. by this infographic’s count, and Los Angeles has nearly 400 food trucks alone.

But how do you fit everything needed to prepare, cook and serve burgers inside one truck? The Washington Post delves into the insides of several of these trucks and how they make the food with very specific equipment. Check their amazing videos and infographics.