Want to watch the new Michelin Stars movie?

All chefs dream of a Michelin star and those who have one (or more) work tirelessly to keep this distinction. 

Michelin Stars - Tales from the Kitchen goes behind the scenes to see how the stars are awarded, to talk to the chefs who work tirelessly to maintain their status, and the impact of the little red book on the world of haute cuisine.

The film is a is a thoughtful and elegant meditation on creativity, business, and the art of perfection, chronicling the inner-workings of the culinary world through the eyes of the chefs, the critics, and their customers. Featuring chefs Alain Ducasse, Daniel Humm, René Redzepi, Andoni Aduriz, Yoshihiro Narisawa, Victor Arquinzoniz, Guy Savoy and many others.

On June 11th, Bon Vivant Communications presents a screening at Balmes Multicines (Barcelona) with the attendees of the Danish core production crew, as well as 5 Michelin-starred Barcelona-restaurants serving signature dishes accompanied with wines, beers, cocktails, soft drinks, and popcorn.

The red carpet event involves a presentation of the film by the director, producer and culinary producer, press wall photo shoots, screening and an after reception with signature dishes and drinks. 

Want to attend the gala premiere? Get your seat.