Future of Protein


To fully understand where food might be headed, first, we must take a look at where we've been. Over the summer, The Future Market kicked off our Future of Food Dinner Series to bring the themes shaping the future our food system to life. The Future of Protein was the first theme in the series, held at the Museum of Food and Drink in Brooklyn on June 28. Part food conference, part dinner, part art installation, the Future of Food dinner series showcases the biggest ideas impacting our food system in an immersive, delicious dining experience. The goal for this dinner series was to bring the food innovations of tomorrow to life today through thought-provoking, memorable dining experiences.

In seven courses, the Future Market team showcased the past, present and future innovations that have and will shape protein’s role in our food system. Each course represented the state of protein from a different time era starting in the post-industrial 1850s and ending in the year 2065.

The dinner was an edible exploration of everything from the impact of the green revolution to the role biodiversity, insects, and cellular agriculture will play in feeding 9 billion people. We created a visceral experience that enabled our diners – Fortune 500 executives, innovators, and eaters – to touch, taste and experience what the future of protein might look like.

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