Food of the Future May Be Printed

A team of engineers and chefs at Colombia University are working to bring a 3D food printer to your home. They've already proven food can be constructed by a 3D printer, but they are currently working to make the device the size of a coffee machine. The purpose of the devise will help users create new food, precisely manage their nutrition and save on energy costs. 

Hod Lipson, a mechanical engineering professor at Columbia who’s leading the project, said: “Food printers are not meant to replace conventional cooking ― they won’t solve all of our nutritional needs, nor cook everything we should eat.”

The engineers hope that the home printer will inspire an explosion of innovation in food by encouraging collaboration. Lipson and his team of engineers are working with New York’s International Culinary Center (ICC) to create new kinds of food with a focus on textures, combinations and arrangements of ingredients that aren’t currently available to chefs.

Hervé Malivert, ICC’s director of food tech, said: “These printers improve, it will be exciting to see where we can go with these machines. For instance, I think they will be very useful in the area of health and nutrition, especially in nursing homes and hospitals.”

This 3D food printer probably won't be replacing your oven any time soon, but it certainly changes the way we think about food and technology!

Photos from Huffington Post