CoffeeFlour: A Tale of Delicious Potential

Have you ever actually seen coffee on the tree? Honestly you wouldn't recognize the coffee bean if you didn't know where to look. Each coffee bean is encased in a red cherry and it's hard work to separate the bean from the cherry. Until now, the cherry has been discarded as waste, but CoffeeFlour found a solution and a new revenue stream for the coffee farmers. 

CoffeeFlour can be used to make cookies, pasta and other foods. You would think that this cherry tastes like coffee beans, but you would be wrong. It tastes more like fruit and could be used to reduce other ingredients like sugar. Additionally, it has more iron than spinach, more fiber than whole wheat (and it's gluten free) and more potassium than bananas according to Dan Belliveau, the founder of CoffeeFlour.

The best part? CoffeeFlour has partnered with Seattle Chocolates to make new flavors of chocolate bars. The CoffeeFlour brings out different flavors within the chocolate, effectively turning what could have been waste into a tasty treat!

Photo by CoffeeFlour

Video by Seattle Chocolates