Do you recognize this brand's creative director?

The Oscar-winning star has been hired by bourbon brand Wild Turkey to be their new creative director.

Wild Turkey's move has the goal of appealing to millennials of drinking age ― a key demographic that McConaughey, who is 46 years old and once interned for an ad agency in college, thinks he understands fairly well. 

“Wild Turkey hasn’t changed in all these years — it’s totally authentic. And that appeals to millennials. Because they can smell fake. Some manicured, bearded hipster soliciting them? No, thanks,” he told the New York Times last week.

He added that millennials “don’t want bourbon lite,” and they sure as hell don’t want the “S” word. “Millennials, and I know this for a fact, can smell solicitation,” he said while sniffing the air “with zeal... like a bloodhound,” according to the Times. “And it’s a turnoff. The best ads are not solicitous.”

You can agree or not with this move. But you should definitely watch every second of Matthew's first mini-movie for the brand.