Grandmas in, chefs out

In a tiny galley kitchen, just steps from the Staten Island Ferry, four grandmas run the kitchen.

"There's really something special about it, having dinner made by an Italian grandma," says Jody Scaravella, the proprietor of Enoteca Maria, who recruited the grandmas to cook via an ad in an Italian newspaper. "I was still building the restaurant then, so I asked them to come to my place to cook instead — I live in the neighborhood. And they came with dishes, and their husbands and a few grandchildren they were looking after for the day. The whole thing was like a Fellini movie."

Now ten grandmas (currently four on regular rotation) rule the kitchen. Each has her own night, cooking her own menu from her own region. The idea quickly expanded to include a mix of grandmas from all over the world.

At any one time there are two grandmas working in the kitchen, one from Italy and one from somewhere else in the world, including Poland, Syria, Nigeria and Venezuela.

Take a look at the video to learn more about Enoteca Maria.